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Who and What is Mother Qi Medicine

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

TCM 101: Let’s start with Qi (pronounced /CHē)

What is Qi? 

It is sometimes referred to as: vital energy, life energy, or life force. In TCM theory, it is the vital substance constituting the human body.  

So what does that really mean?

Qi is energy; like electricity, it flows through your body to power your physical, mental and emotional self.  Qi also supports proper Blood flow. The quality of our Blood, in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is dependent on the food we eat, the depth of breath and oxygen that reaches our internal organs and how well the blood flows to every part of our body.

Therefore, Blood is the Mother of Qi.

Qi needs Blood for nourishment and Blood moves Qi to nourish every organ and every part of our body.

Who and What is Mother Qi Medicine?

Mother Qi Medicine (MQM) represents the divine feminine energy and nurturing womb where life is created, held and nurtured into existence.  It is the balance of yin and yang that makes us who we are and how we live our lives.  It is something that we all encompass inside of ourselves. MQM utilizes the Five Element Cycle to better help explain how TCM can be applied to your life and needs at any given moment.

In TCM, the Five Element Cycle consists of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Each element correlating with a major organ system, a season and a predominant emotion.  Each element is also generated by another, in a parent-child dynamic: Fire is the child of Wood, Earth is the child of Fire, and so on. In nature, we can also witness this interaction in the beauty of seasonal changes: Winter melts and warms into Spring, Spring evolves into Summer and so on.  As individuals, the elements are also largely correlated to our environments and personal constitution, much like personalities and physical attributes, as well as life cycles.

The Mother Qi Medicine approach to health and wellness is to meet each individual where they are at, by using what we know from ourselves and our environments to nurture, to heal and to achieve balance. Whether it is through understanding the proclivity an individual has towards an element or two, or based on where they are at on the element cycle itself. This method also ensures each treatment plan is specific to each individual's needs.

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