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Cupping + Gua Sha

Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping is a modality that has been used for centuries. It is the healing art of removing stagnation and encouraging the flow of Qi within the body. At Mother Qi Medicine, fire cupping is the chosen method for this therapy.


Glass cups are heated with fire and applied to the body. The cup acts as a suction and is able to lift and separate the tissues and fascia in that particular area. Much like a deep tissue massage, where movement is up, down and side-to-side; cupping lifts up and out, creating space in between the layers for fresh blood to nourish and heal. The cupping marks that may appear on the body are dependent on each individual and the level of stagnation in the body or in that particular area. This therapy is not meant to be painful and can be quite relaxing, as the body is able to expand and release. 


Cupping therapy is beneficial for general health maintenance, relief of muscle tension and injury recovery.


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Gua sha is another Traditional Chinese Medicine modality that typically utilizes jade and semi-precious stone tools that vary in shapes, sizes and weight. ‘Gua sha’, meaning scrapping, is the result of scraping the skin and breaking up capillary blood vessels. This manual therapy focuses on soft-tissue layers, releasing tight and tense muscles, nourishing tissue and fascia, and expelling internal heat. The skin is then left with sha (also known as petechia). Gua sha is also beneficial for general health maintenance, relief of muscle tension and pain, as well as muscle recovery.


In pediatric treatments and care, gua sha is often used to treat the body. Babies and children respond well to this gentle and effective approach. It is often used in combination with acupressure. Because gua sha is great at expelling heat from the body, this is a beneficial therapy for such imbalances, like fevers. 


Gua sha is also known for its gentle use and cosmetic benefits for the face. At Mother Qi Medicine, facial gua sha is used in combination with facial rejuvenation treatments. This therapy focuses on healing the facial and cranial muscles and nerves post-acupuncture treatment.  With gua sha being known to heal and cool through its stone tools, this adds a spa-like experience to facial treatments.

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